American Made Acoustic Guitars

american made acoustic guitars

Choosing a reliable good acoustic guitar can be overwhelming if you are not sure where to look. With so many options and price ranges available a person can be easily confused about what the market has to offer. The quick list below gives suggestions on where a guitarist might find some of the finest American made acoustic guitars available today.

One of the first companies to check out for American made acoustic guitars would be Carvin Guitars, out of beautiful San Diego, CA.

Another great source for acoustic guitars is Collings Guitars, in Austin, TX.

Next on the list you can find Heritage Guitar Inc., in Kalamazoo, MI.

If custom guitars is your style, check out the fine work of Jon Kammerer Guitars, located in Keokuk, IA.

Also there is G&L Guitars, based in Fullerton, California, with many different guitar models to choose from.

Of course there is always the infamous Gibson guitar company, hailing from Nashville and Memphis, TN. They also produce their acoustic guitars in Bozeman, MT.

Another fine guitar company worth looking into is Gadow Guitars, based in North Carolina.

If you are shopping for a great electric or bass guitar, check out Rickenbacker Guitars, in Santa Ana, CA.

Making great acoustic guitars for over 175 years is C.F. Martin & Co., in Nazareth, PA.

Supplying acoustic and electric guitars since the early 1970’s is Taylor Guitars, located in El Cajon, CA. They also make some models at their factory in Tecate, Mexico.

For the beautiful touch of handcrafted electric guitars made from hardwoods, see Kurt Wilson Guitars, located in Illinois. Different types of wood are used when making a guitar and this influences the tone, weight, sound and overall look of the instrument.

Guild Guitar makes some great models, but it is possible that some of their lower priced models are made in China.

And lastly, providing fine mandolins and acoustic guitars is Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments, located in Logan, MT.

The information provided in this quick list of American made acoustic guitars is a great starting point for anyone interested in learning more about where to purchase acoustic guitars.